Sudoku Assistant - The Sudoku Trainer and Solver

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Sudoku Assistant - The Sudoku Trainer

Welcome to Sudoku Assistant -
  The Sudoku Trainer for Windows from Chocolate Octopus software!

Great News... Version 1.0 Released - and it's Free!

What is Sudoku?

Sudoku (pronounced suh-DOE-coo or SOO-doe-coo) is a puzzle that originated in Japan, and can be solved by following a few simple rules. The rules are very easy to learn, but the puzzles can vary from simple to immensely difficult 'brain melters'.

Sudoku puzzles are not only fun, but are also great to keep your mind active and to assist in your logic and memory powers. Simply put, Sudoku is a great work-out for the mind! Unlike many other puzzle types, Sudoku requires you only understand the rules, and does not need a vast general knowledge such as quizes, crosswords and so on.

Screenshot of Sudoku Assistant software

What will Sudoku Assistant do for Me?

Sudoku Assistant is software for your computer which will help you avoid the repetitive aspects of solving Sudoku puzzles. Not only that, but it will help you learn how to play Sudoku, it can also train you on the specific puzzle you are working on - not to mention it can help you when you are stuck! It also takes away some of the drudgery of marking-up possible locations for different values ('pencil marks'), and it can give you appropriate hints on the puzzle solution without just solving the puzzle for you!

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Sudoku Assistant Features in Brief

For a detailed look at the features, please visit the Feature List page.

  • Assisted solving and training on real Sudoku puzzles;
  • Several configurable options to prevent invalid input, show or hide pencil marks, update pencil marks automatically, show and hide short hints;
  • Puzzle generation;
  • Simple Puzzle input by hand or cut-and-paste;
  • Resizeable puzzle display;
  • Screen display highlighting options, including the ability to highlight subgrids, rows or columns, and highlight cells on which a specific value is possible;
  • Helper that shows you how many of each digit you have yet to place. This is a really great tool that still leaves you with plenty of challenge!
  • Load and Save your progress on a puzzle.