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Colophon 2

Interesting Facts and Fictions about Chocolate, Octopuses, and Chocolate Octopuses

That basically means, some interesting facts and... some stuff we made up about Chocolate Octopuses:

Chocolate Octopuses Chocolate Octopuses!

Chocolate comes in a number of varieties with different colours, from dark, 'milk' through to white. The colouring comes from the use of 'Cocoa Solids'; White chocolate is based on Cocoa Butter without the solids.

OK, let's get this one straight right-away - the plural of Octopus is Octopuses. No, not Octopi! Well, apparently so, although some dictionary's list both options above and Octopodes...

A very chewy sweet?

Chocolate is, like, really nice! It comes in all sorts of different colours relating to how much cocoa solids are in it (the more cocoa solids the darker the chocolate).

The word Octopus possibly derives from Greek meaning eight-feet - but most people call their eight tentacle appendages arms! So what's that all about?

Can a leopard change it's spots? No! Can a Chocolate Octopus?

Are you saying I've got spots?

But don't worry, Chocolate Octopuses are useless in a fight - they're totally spineless, and melt under pressure.

Chocolate can kill! Cats and dogs and a number of other animals can become seriously unwell if they eat chocolate, as they can not process the theobromine found in it.

Do you know that phrase 'the left arm doesn't know what the right arm is doing'? Well, with an Octopus it's really true! Octopuses have a lot of brain processing power in each tentacle - but unfortunately, the main brain can tell a tentacle what to do, but it has no 'feelings' from that arm fed back to the brain - so even the main brain won't know what the arm is doing unless it can see it! How's arm number 4 going to know what arm number 8 is doing then?

...fortunately this was not an issue when Sudoku Assistant was written, as Charley the Chocolate Octopus is a one-tentacle-typist!

Part of the pleasure of eating chocolate is attributed to it's melting point being just lower than human body temperature, so it melts in the mouth. It has also been shown to stimulate production of seratonin in the brain which gives a pleasant feeling.

But then again, heroin addicts apparently have an increased liking for chocolate because of dopamine releases in the brain, which are similar to those of opium. We just can't see the advertising slogan "Makes you feel like a heroin addict" working...

A new species of Octopus was found as recently as 1998! Called the Mimic Octopus, it is thought that the species is so good at impersonating other animals (such as a lion-fish, flat-fish and sea-snake) that divers probably saw them before... they just thought that they were something else!

Chocolate Octopus is a different kind of mimic...
A cartoon image of a face peering out from a block of chocolate


On the Mimic Octopus, a very interesting page was:

On Octopuses and Chocolate, the ever useful Wikipedia was <ahem> very useful. Where have all the Encyclopedia salespeople gone?