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Sudoku Haiku

Haiku (learn more from Wikipedia) are short poems with a tightly controlled structure that originate from Japan. In the English form, they have a syllable count of 5-7-5 over three lines.

As words often need to be juggled to fit into the syllable pattern, the resulting poem can often have an interesting rhythm and cadence to it - (the result may sound a little like Yoda-speak to Star Wars fans!)

Whichever way, we hope that you find our following efforts fun and perhaps even helpful...


Place digits one to
nine, in rows, columns, subgrids
Only one in each!

Logic alone used
To solve Sudoku puzzles
no need for guessing!

Grief follows Guesswork!
To solve a puzzle like this
use only logic.

If you are puzzled
Try Sudoku Assistant
It helps and teaches.

Sudoku can make
excellent mental athletes
of everyone.

Samurai is five
Sudoku puzzles entwined
More fun to be had!

You are not lost when
you use our super software
It's there to guide you!

Please link to our site
if you find it useful, fun
or entertaining.

Life is like a box
of chocolates. Sudoku
has much less sugar.

Scan the puzzle for
cells that are easy. Only
then use pencil marks.

Another program
To solve Sudoku? Only
this one trains you too!

Sharpen your pencils,
they printed the puzzle too small!
Our software can help

What is this thing?
A 'Chocolate Octopus'...
solving Sudoku?!