Sudoku Assistant - The Sudoku Trainer and Solver

Sudoku Assistant Features in Detail

Sudoku Assistant with three different options animatedScreenshot of the first page of the Options dialogScreenshot of the second page of the Options dialog

Sudoku Assistant is packed with features! The animated small-size screen-shot to the right shows it running on Windows XP, with three different user-interface options being used. Click on the image to see a full-size version - but don't forget - when you run the software you can rescale the size of the grid to suit you!

  • Assisted solving and training on real Sudoku puzzles;
  • Automated completion of 'pencil marks' if you want them, or manual if you prefer to enter them yourself;
  • The ability to show Hints as you progress through a puzzle (with brief description of the reasoning behind the suggestion) - these Hints can also be turned off so you are not tempted to use them all the time.
    Cells that have such tips available are flagged with a coloured triangle when the feature is on;
  • 'Training Hints' which give a more detailed description behind the reasoning, with visual feedback on your actual puzzle;
  • All hints are rated for complexity and the default Training Hint that is displayed (when requested) shows the hint with the easiest rating;
  • Training Hints offered in three steps to encourage you to find the solution for yourself, but give you detailed guidance if you need it;
  • Puzzle generation;
  • Simple Puzzle input by hand or the system accepts 'pasted' puzzles in a small number of formats - if you want to work on a puzzle you find in a newspaper, magazine, websiteetc.
  • Resizeable screen display to suit you;
  • Several screen display highlighting options, including the ability to highlight subgrids, rows or columns, and highlight cells on which a specific value is possible;
  • Permanent guide that shows you how many of each digit you have yet to place. This is a really great tool that still leaves you with plenty of challenge!
  • Load and Save your progress on a puzzle;
  • User-configurable colour schemes;
  • Print your puzzle if you prefer to work on paper or need to leave your computer.

Program Requirements

Sudoku Assistant runs on any version of Windows that can support the .Net Framework version 2. The .Net Framework is a free download from Microsoft, and is available through Windows Update as an optional download.