Sudoku Assistant - The Sudoku Trainer and Solver

Download Sudoku Assistant - It's Free!

Sudoku Assistant Software version 1.0 requires Windows software with the Microsoft .Net framework v2.

Two files are available for download:

You will need Administrator privileges to install the software.

We would really appreciate your feedback on how it works for you! Information on how to contact us can be found in the README.txt that is installed in the program directory, or on our Contact page. The contact page also has details of how you can join our mailing list, so we can let you know when updates to this software are available!

Easy Instructions

To run Sudoku Assistant, you need the .Net Framework installed on your computer (among other prerequisites). But don't worry if you are not sure if you have these or not; these easy instructions will work on the vast majority of compaitble PC's:

  • Download both of the files above to the same location on your computer (you download each file in turn by right-clicking the link, and selecting 'Save Target As', 'Save Link As' (what it says exactly will depend on which browser you use);
  • Find the files on your computer and double-click setup.exe;
  • The step above will start the installation. Part of the install program will check if you have the .Net Framework installed, and if you don't, it will download it for you (this means that you may need your internet connection to be up and running);
  • After the .Net Framework is installed, Sudoku Assistant will be installed for you.

Advanced Instructions

If you already have 'Windows Installer' software and the .Net Framework v2 installed on your computer, it will be easiest for you to download the 'Sudoku Assistant Installer.msi' file to your computer. Once you have the msi file on your computer, right click it and select 'Install' or double-click it - either of which will run the installation program.

If you experience any problems with this type of installation, it is most likely to be because you are not logged in as Administrator, or because the .Net Framework is not installed. Try the Easy Instructions above before contacting us.